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My name is Shawn Sorrell and Wild Joker Design is the name I use to encompass my talents.

They include graphic design, puppetry, music, art, performance and web design to name just a few. This site is a look at some of my work. From here you can find out more about me, view my personal puppet page, see web sites I have designed and view my forums. All my talents are for hire and fees are listed through out the site.

Although as stated above I have a variety of talents the focus of this site is graphic and web design. When you view my Web Design page you will notice that the examples I list are mostly artist or performers. You could say that is my niche. They are very talented people in their own right but when it comes to computers they just do not have the time and or desire to delve into a whole new field. They have realized the power of the Internet and the benefits of having a presence on it. I take their vision and bring it life on the web.

When you hire me you are getting an individual not a staff of designers that plugs what you give them into a pre-designed template. For some of my clients I have created logos and ad layouts that they use in print or areas other then just on their web site. I can work with as little as the name of your company and your favorite colors or build off of your established company artwork.


When you hire my talents you well find that devotion to your satisfaction is my highest priority. If you are looking for something unique that is not the run of the mill I can provide it. I often take on special projects that do not fit a standard so please contact me if you feel you fall within this category.

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