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So you want to know about me? Well let me see... I was born in Bitburgh Germany in 1961. My father was in the Air Force so that makes me an Air Force brat. This also means that we did a lot of traveling.

When I was around five we moved back to Germany and where living in a small town called Blankenroth. We lived on the main street in the old apothecary right across from the General Store. Around Christmas time a puppet stage set complete with hand puppets showed up in the front window of the General Store. Every day I would peer in the window at it and dream of entertaining my friends with fantastic puppet shows. Just about a week before Christmas it disappeared. I was devastated and ran home in tears to cry on mothers shoulder. On Christmas morning... you guessed it... I found it underneath the Christmas tree. Thus began my journey into the entertainment world.

I have always been involved in "Show Business" in one way or another. When I was young it was performing for my friends with that German set of hand puppets. In high school I moved on to magic, clowning and school plays. Upon graduating form high school I went to work for a singing telegram company and around the same time met DoLores Hadley of LaFamille Marionettes. I began not only performing with her but also working in her workshop. You can read more about that at one of my other sites here.

After working with DoLores for about 10 years I struck out on my own and started my own troupe that performed at the "Drawbridge Review" at Renaissance Festivals around the country.

Many years have passed since that time and I am now back in Kansas City Missouri where I first started with DoLores Hadley and LaFamille. I now work with StoneLion Puppet Theatre along with Design Production Services. The second is a company that designs and builds theatre sets for many of the theaters in town. For about the past two years I have gotten involved with doing hair and makeup and dressing for tour shows that come in town. Well that is my life up to now.


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