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Web Design Cost:

  • Option "A" - $300.00 up front design fee plus $75.00 per month maintenance fee.

I design up to a five page site using your existing company logo & artwork. I then maintain it each month with updates of information supplied by you. Updates are due by the last day of the month prior to the one you want them to go in and updated within 7 working days. (Some mid month updates may be allowed depending on their complexity)

  • Option "B" - $500.00 design fee and you maintain site.

I design up to a five page site using your existing company logo & artwork. I then give you a copy of it on CD ROM or Floppy Disk so you can upload it to your site.

Wild Joker has the ability to scan from pictures, negatives, slides or artwork up to 8.5"x11". You must verify that all artwork that you want on your web page is your own. We do not plagiarize or infringe on copyright laws.

If you are looking for some extra side help with your existing site or even a new one please contact me. My hourly rate is $25.00. I would be happy to give you an estimate on how long I feel your needs may take.

Need web hosting services!

I would like to suggest WestHost! Below are just some of the things you get. Check their site with the link below for current prices and offerings.

  • MySQL Database
  • Secure Shell Account (on some accounts)
  • Web Based E-mail
  • Spam Protection
  • Autoresponders
  • Your own CGI-BIN
  • IP Filtering Control
  • PHP
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Perl
  • and more

If you decide to go with them as your hosting company I can help you get things set up since I am familiar with their service.

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